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The energy bundle

Orpheus has no med. cost and is completely 
healthy as far as we know.

Hi, I am Orpheus 

My beloved sponsor is Michele Calabro. A big kiss from me! 

Well, let's be frank. People do laugh a bit when they see me. I was born in 2017 and my parents must have been quite different. Not exactly an age gap. But you get the picture.

Let's forget the past. No need to dwell on it. I am happy that I am here, at the shelter, and that I do have the chance that my life could now turn into something much better. 

I am fine with dogs and kids. Cats and everything else needs to be tested.

Just ask the friendly people here!

I am full of energy. Don't think just because I am small you get a lap dog. No no. I do want to run and play. It's just my legs are a bit short. I might need a bit of education but I do want to see the world with you. And maybe you want to see the world with me, too.

So, just, think about it.

Do we have a deal?

Impatiently waiting, your Orpheus!

Want to help Orpheus?

Donate for neutering and we can reduce Orpheus's risk of having a cancer as well as guarantee, he cant contribute to the strays problem. With 50 € we can neuter him!

Help us make sure Orpheus is healthy and help him get blood tests. With 50€ we can have him tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia